Before I attended the USLS 2015 I had a dream to become a speaker and inspire others to believe their dream was possible. But, I had a speech impediment, and didn’t know anyone my age or from a similar background who was doing something similar. So, I put the dream aside.

When I attended the USLS, I met and connected with several individuals who were following their dreams and were running their own ventures to help work towards the SDGs. I felt inspired. When one of the attendees asked me what I wanted to do, I told them about my dream.

When they asked me why I’m not doing it, I told them I don’t think I am good enough. From there, everyone started encouraging me said they thought I would be amazing. Everyone I met was so supportive and it gave me the confidence to chase my dreams. I told them that I would start once I return to Australia.

After returning from the USLS, I was on a mission. With the leftover of the money I saved, I bought a small camera, started a YouTube channel and made my first video. I continued making the videos and even though we all returned to our home country, everyone still supported me through the Facebook group.

Ever since I started making the videos, I’ve received heartfelt messages from people who either had the same experience as I did, such as being bullied, or whose perspective was changed because I shared my story with them.

I currently get invited to schools, events and conferences to share my story with others. I hope to inspire and empower them.

I believe it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Everyone has a unique story and someone out there needs to hear it. Their life may change because you shared your story with them.

I am forever indebted to Humanitarian Affairs Asia for allowing me to participate in the USLS. My dream would not have materialised without this opportunity.

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