Diplomacy starts with you

It is the art of persuasion, the cornerstone of everything that is harmonious and well-balanced. Excellent servant-leaders in all generations believe in making the world a better place through diplomacy.

We believe that you too can be powerful diplomatic agents of change for a better world.

Attending the International Diplomacy Forum is the beginning of that journey. One that will foster your soft skills in diplomacy, negotiation and networking, all of which are critical to making the partnerships you need to turn your ideas into concrete, practical plans that effect change.

To be a Diplomat for a better world, you must have a passion to serve humanity and a fervour to learn the art of negotiation, navigating complex situations, and leading your team to work cohesively. The International Diplomacy Forum gives you the incredible opportunity to be equipped with relevant diplomatic skills.

At the Forum, delegates will hear inspiring testimonies from Diplomats and those who work in the realm of political negotiation between countries during periods of instability. These are everyday heroes who have made a real difference in the world through diplomacy. There will be workshops on specific issues to give you the opportunity to acquire essential skills to help you step forth as a diplomat wherever you are.

Like any real-world diplomat, the mission starts when you step out of your comfort zone and take the first step to attend the International Diplomacy Forum.

The International Diplomacy Forum is an experience like no other. Equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to engage any stakeholder, the forum will unlock your potential to better serve your community and perhaps, turn your passion into a vocation to make this world a better place.

International Diplomacy Forum help me to explore more possibilities about myself and the world we want to create.

Chin Liu
Northwest University, China