Rapid and new developments in international security and geopolitical agendas are shaping the 21st century world. Progressively, fragmented rules and norms governing international relations permeate our everyday life.

Developing global governance and promoting international peace and security require the integration of a broad range of leaders, institutions and diplomats.

A lot of diplomatic efforts impacting the lives of many are often done away from the public eye.

Today’s youth, empowered by technology and social media, are exposed to and concerned about global disputes and issues. We should recognize the critical roles our young people can play and involve them in some of the diplomatic efforts.

They bring with them fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to some of the global challenges.

Understandably, these young people often feel inadequate as they lack the knowledge, skills and experience in diplomatic processes and efforts. They need to be equipped and prepared in order to be involved in global affairs.

The International Diplomacy Forum intends to give young leaders the tools to champion causes as well as to solve conflicts through diplomatic negotiations and compromises.

Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from global Ambassadors and Foreign Service and Government officials. They can also network with like-minded individuals in the advancement of a more peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world.

Over three intensive days at the United Nations Conference Centre, delegates will gain the knowledge to develop the necessary soft-skills to be able to effectively engage with key stakeholders wherever they are.

Our world needs everyday diplomats more than ever before. Awaken the Diplomat in you to shape a peaceful and harmonious world.

The International Diplomacy Forum offers the rewarding experience of solidarity in our fight for global friendship, change and peace.

Anna Ip
Chinese University of Hong Kong