Meet Our Team

Humanitarian Affairs Asia was founded with a mission to empower emerging world leaders. When young people are provided with the right tools, knowledge, and network, they stand the most excellent chance to champion positive societal and environmental change.

With this in mind, we work with multi-cultural and multi-talented individuals from all over the world. The key is to unlock dynamism, creativity, and resilience by embracing diversity. As a result, our team resembles mini-United Nations, where passionate young people come together to make a difference.

Together We Work Towards
A World of Inclusivity, Equality, and Harmony.

Janice Leong

Regional Director


Chief Morale Officer

Elisabeth Perrin

Global Communication Specialist

Natasha Godsiff

Program Advisor

Sirawit Khanthik

Account Manager

Indiana Luthra

Program Specialist

Rahila Haidary

Program Advisor

Jack Growden

Program Advisor

Kimberley Bates

Communications Specialist