Transforming the World

No one is too young or inexperienced to make a difference in the world. What one lacks is the courage to make things happen. Humanitarian Affairs was created to unlock and empower youth’s potential.

Youth have limitless potential to Do Good for Society. Recognising that internships are a defining experience on a personal and professional level,

our Global Internship Program for Changemakers accelerates youth’s social impact careers. Our interns are assigned responsibilities in shaping the world by engaging with our global stakeholders.

Presented with multi-faceted learning opportunities to contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17, Partnerships to achieve the Goal, our interns are challenged in their Advocacy and Global Communication skills.

They build

the confidence to communicate effectively and intelligently with

people from around the world in organising our youth empowerment events that bring like-minded individuals, organisations and communities to one common platform.

The projects assigned stretch our interns in their resourcefulness and creativity to look for out of the box solutions and empower them to develop their mental resilience to overcome difficulties and advance their social impact global career.

Unlike other internships, our program encourages youth to expand both their personal and professional development. At every opportunity, they have the support of dedicated mentoring and access to world-leading resources.

As our intern, your work is a real and worthy investment for our future generation.

You inspire and empower emerging leaders to meet a myriad of other young and passionate, like-minded future leaders from around the world, who shared a common interest in shaping the world. We believe that a purposeful career starts with a global internship learning that inspires engagement and transforms lives.