Speaker Profiles

The University Scholars Leadership Symposium brings some world’s renowned life coaches and motivational speakers. They believe that all emerging world leaders can make a difference.

Our inspirational speakers have gained international acclaim and recognition for their humanitarian work. Their inspirational stories of survival in the face of adversity and lost bring hope by demonstrating the extraordinary strength of the human spirit. These humanitarians acknowledge the fact that there are people out there that have been failed by our systems,

people whose rights have been violated, and deserve our help and compassion; their work and perseverance serve as inspirations to many. These unabashedly outspoken motivational speakers deliver truly inspirational lectures.


David Begbie


Crossroads Foundation, Hong Kong

Chris Temple

Co-Founder & Director

Living on One, USA

Geraldine Cox


Sunrise Children Village, Cambodia

Shomy Hasan Chowdhury


Awareness 360, Bangladesh

Sangduen Chailert


Save Elephant Foundation, Thailand

Nikhiya Shamsher


Princess Diana Legacy Award

Sam Cawthorn

Founder & CEO

Speakers Institute, Australia

Catherine MacCarthy

Boston University of Law, USA

Unforgettable Memory

I was extremely delighted to be selected as a delegate at the University Scholars Leadership Symposium. The event was a transformative experience. Meeting with a diverse group of young leaders from over 80 countries provided me with valuable lessons about appreciating our differences and embracing our diversity.

Over the course of just a week, I met dozens of delegates from nearly every continent of the world. We listened to each speaker and were able to discuss what we learned over breaks and on the bus leaving the United Nations Conference Centre. Some of my favourite memories included engaging in these difficult but rewarding discussions long after the sessions had ended, over coffee, or over breakfast.

Interacting with other young people with such varied life experiences was immensely humbling. I remember many of their stories and think about them even years after the symposium. It was truly an unforgettable symposium.

More importantly, the skills and lessons I gained from this opportunity have helped me to become a better leader. I am thankful to be given this rare opportunity to serve and my profound gratitude goes to Humanitarian Affairs Asia.